Mission and Vision Statement

The Haldimand Tract Land Trust Conservancy (BlueBelt + Grand River) gets its name and geographic boundaries from the days of early Mohawk settlement in acquired territories along the Grand River, and granting of the Haldimand Tract to Tyendanaga (Colonel Joseph Brant UEL) of the Mohawk Nation for the benefit of the U.E.L. Mohawk descendants forever in perpetuity.


The mission of Haldimand Tract Land Trust Conservancy is to protect, care for, and connect people to the extraordinary lands that make this area special.

The Haldimand Tract Land Trust Conservancy protects the scenic, natural, agricultural, and open landscapes of Grand River for the benefit of the community and future generations by:

  • Developing long-term land protection strategies;
  • Promoting private and public funding for land conservation;
  • Acquiring land and conservation easements;
  • Practicing stewardship, including the restoration of conservation properties; and
  • Promoting a sense of place and a land ethic through activities, education and outreach.


We see a future where the wild and working forests, the rivers and wetlands, the globally unique biotic habitats, and the Grand River’s rich farming and indigenous heritage—those things that define the extraordinary place we call Grand River Country—are preserved forever, are lovingly cared for by supportive communities and are cherished by all as an extraordinary gift that generations before has made to future generations.

We will support our vision through a variety of strategies including:

  • Work with landowners, resource agencies, and other conservation organizations, to preserve the prime agricultural lands, open spaces, and wetland habitats of the Grand River watershed.
  • Perform conservation activities that will result in improved health of the vital watersheds and water resources of Grand River Country and positively impact our natural places through rehabilitation.
  • Collaborate with landowners, resource agencies, and other conservation organizations to protect the entire ecosystem contained within the Haldimand Province, situated between the Lakes Ontario, Erie, and Huron.
  • Implement a process for refreshing and re-evaluating our Vision so that it continually reflects the values of our community and honors the perpetual nature of the organization.
  • Conduct conservation activities that will lead to greater opportunities for people to directly experience the spectacular and diverse landscapes of Grand River Country.
  • Create and maintain easement monitoring programs, land management practices, and landowner partnerships that will be considered among the best in the world.
  • Develop and sustain a robust financial reserve that ensures that we can continue to provide excellent stewardship of our lands in perpetuity and will be able to move quickly to acquire key parcels when opportunities arise.
  • Become a recognized conservation leader, and model for other land trusts seeking to protect critical habitat, managed forests, agricultural, open spaces, and wetlands.