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Whether you are a longtime conservationist or recent convert, you know that the work we do now will increase the security and protection of the Haldimand Tract for years to come.

Across the country, land conservancies run on small budgets which makes the work of protecting land more challenging.

With help from donors like you, we know that BlueBelt + Grand River (The Haldimand Tract Land Trust Conservancy) will continue to protect our endangered environments for many generations to come.

The Haldimand Tract is 950,000 acres or 3,844 square kilometers. The Grand River watershed is the largest inland river system in Oniatarí:io (Southern Ontario). It has a total area of 6,800 square kilometers.

How do you inherently participate within your own environments? Karén:na: The Kanien’kehá:ka/Mohawk name of the force, principle, or magic power which is … to be inherited in everybody and being in nature and in every personified attribute, property, or activity, belonging to each of these and conceived to be the active cause or force, or dynamic energy, involved in every operation or phenomenon of nature, in any manner affecting or controlling the welfare of man.

Donations help achieve many goals

  • Makes a Local Impact – Your help as benevolent friends have resulted in the healthiest water quality in the Grand River headwaters region.
  • Conserves Unique Landscapes – Your donation helps care for special wetlands called Grand River Watershed, which support the endangered species (Blanding’s Turtle, Eastern Hog-nosed Snake, Butternut Tree, Eastern Flowering Dogwood, etc.) and sensitive ecosystems. This is the last stronghold for these tiny cousins.
  • Stewards the Land – Your help allows us to devote resources to promote biodiversity and healthy growth of local & wild species and increased protection of flora and fauna.
  • Fosters Conservation Partnerships – Your donation helps us partner with communities and governing agencies to focus on establishing and furthering conservation goals.

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