BlueBelt + Grand River, The Haldimand Tract Land Trust Conservancy is commissioned by The Mohawk Charitable Foundation for Grand River and learning organization (“Mohawk University”). The first charitable foundation to be formed under the jurisdiction of the Mohawk Nation of Grand River Country. The Trust is managed by Mohawk University for the benefit of the U.E.L. Mohawk Descendants.

The Haldimand Tract Land Trust Conservancy gets its name and geographic boundaries from the days of early Mohawk settlement in acquired territories along the Grand River, and granting of the Haldimand Tract to Tyendanaga (Colonel Joseph Brant) of the Mohawk Nation for the benefit of the U.E.L. Mohawk descendants forever in perpetuity.BlueBelt + Grand River Mission Statement, Mohawk University

A “Land Trust” is an incorporated, non-profit, charitable organization formed for the purpose of protecting and preserving the ecological, agricultural, scenic, historic, or recreational lands in its care.

Benevolent Friends of Grand River is a Private Non-Profit, Company, registered in Haldimand Province, with its objects and purpose to provide trusted services to private members in good faith and to the highest fiduciary standards.

“Trust” is confidence in and reliance upon some quality or thing or act as being true. Trust is also used to define a formal relation and agreement whereby an authorised party (Trustor) gives, grants, assigns or delegates one or more Rights to another (Trustee) under certain conditions for the benefit of a third party (Beneficiary).

“Trustor” is the generic term for anyone possessing the proper authority to transfer any rights, title or property to another. The other party upon acceptance of the fiduciary obligations upon a valid oath or vow then formalises the valid Trust as Trustee. All persons that possess the proper authority to transfer any rights, title or property to another are by default “Trustors”.

“Trustee” is an office formed by a valid oath or vow to the terms of Trust to take possession of certain rights and property from a Trustor and perform certain obligations for the benefit of another. The manner and character of a Trustee may be described as a position of Trust equivalent to the term Fiduciary.

A “Right” is a positively defined Capacity, Privilege, Liberty, Faculty, Power, Ownership, Possession, Interest or Benefit and its associated obligation, remedy or relief held in Trust for the benefit of a particular type of named or unnamed person, under some proper Rule of Law and System of Justice.

A “Beneficiary” is a named person (Agent) or unnamed person (Creditor) at the time of the formation of the Trust who benefits or receives a useful or valuable advantage from the Trust.